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Preparation is Everything

by Tom Richards on 10/17/13

I am preparing for the holiday season, making pots for a couple of shows that I am going to participate in. Nothing special about the pots, mostly functional, berry bowls, butter dishes and wine cups. I have some ideas that I want to explore but that has to wait, need to sell some pots and pay some bills.

There is probably nothing more relaxing that sitting down to the wheel and making that first bowl. I make a small pot, a warm up pot. Everybody warms up, singers, musicians, athletes - why not potters? It gives me the chance to shed what has been going on outside of the studio, concentrate on the task at hand. That warm up pot gives me the chance to see how the clay is today and work on the form I am going to make without the worry of it being perfect the first time. I think that I recycle more of those pots than I keep.

I am also preparing for back surgery. I have to have the lumbar spine worked on, things a pretty tight there this surgery will open things up and make more room. This will cut into my pottery making for a few weeks. But this time off from the studio will allow me to prepare for the classes that I am going to teach at the K I A and work on the web site.

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